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Medical Malpractice

Each year in the United States, health care induced deaths are the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer, including*:
• 12,000 deaths per year due to

unnecessary surgery;

• 7000 deaths per year due to medication errors in hospitals;

• 20,000 deaths per year due to other errors in hospitals

• 80,000 deaths per year due to infections in hospitals

• 106,000 deaths per year due to negative effects of drugs

Utilizing our experience and education in both law and medicine we are able to help victims of malpractice recover the damages necessary to compensate them for their losses and preventing the added expenses from being improperly shifted to Medicare and/or Medicaid which costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

*Starfield, B. (2000, July 26). Is US health really the best in the world? Journal of the American Medical Association, 284(4), 483-485.

Automobile Accidents

Even after advancements in automobile safety over 30,000 people each year will lose there lives in automobile related accidents, most through no fault of their own.

In states, like Michigan, where "No-Fault" insurance laws are in effect, the system requires victims to pursue two separate cases:  One for their medical expenses, wage loss and household replacement services, and a separate claim for pain and suffering.  The insurance industry and their lobbyists are constantly attempting to limit your rights while they see record profits.

In Michigan the statute of limitations to bring a claim for No Fault benefits is only one year from the date of the accident, not the three year time period allowed to bring a claim for bodily injury, pain and suffering and wage loss and other economic losses..  But in those cases the injured victim must prove that they have suffered a "qualifying injury."  By statute these include only death, permanent disfigurement and a serious impairment of a body function. 

General Legal Needs

​Many individuals find themselves unable to find an attorney who can help them with simple legal questions, such as "Should I have a will."  Rather than pay for an online service, or go to a television advertising attorney, simply contact us and we will always provide a free consultation.

If your issue involves an area of law that we do not handle, we will help you to find a qualified attorney in that practice area. There are also other types of injuries that are caused by negligent maintenance of a premises, defective products and/or medical devices or drugs that may place you in need of an attorney.  We work with other qualified attorneys in a host of different types of cases where a working knowledge of medicine will greatly enhance your chances of receiving just compensation.

While politicians have been trying to limit your rights in the interests of the rich and powerful you should not be afraid or ashamed to seek legal advice.  Don't forget that our Founding Fathers gave us the right ,in the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution, to have a jury, not politicians, decide all of our civil cases where the amount in controversy is greater than $20.00.